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EndNote and EndNote Basic

Entering Reference Information

Enter your data correctly:

Fill in the information you want to appear in your bibliography

  1. Create an 'EndNote Library'
    1. From the 'File' menu select 'New'
    2. Name your EndNote Library and click 'Save'
  2. Create a 'New Reference'
    1. From the 'References' menu select 'New Reference'
  3. Select a 'Reference Type'
    1. Use 'Journal Article'
  4. Author
    1. One per line
    2. Last, First Middle (Jupp, James C.) or
    3. First Middle Last (Joyce Carol Oates)
    4. Organizations (American Political Science Association,)
    5. Put a comma at the end of the organization's name so that it will format correctly
  5. Year
    1. Four digits (2000)
  6. Title
    1. Let long titles wrap
    2. Capitalize the title the way you would like it to appear in your bibliography (Toward a Constitutional Theory of Individuality: The Privacy Opinions of Justice Douglas)
  7. Journal
    1. Enter Full Name (The Yale Law Journal)
  8. Volume
    1. Enter Volume Number (87)
  9. Issue
    1. Enter Issue Number (8)
  10. Pages
    1. Do not use commas
    2. (1579-1600)
  11. Date
    1. (July)
  12. DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
    1. Enter DOI (10.2307/795747)
  13. URLs
    1. Let long urls wrap
  14. Link a PDF file to a reference
    1. From the 'References' menu choose 'File Attachments'
    2. From the 'File Attachments' sub-menu choose 'Attach File'
    3. Navigate to the PDF file you want to attach
    4. Click 'Open'
  15. Find Full Text
    1. Select a reference(s) in your EndNote library
    2. From the 'References' menu choose 'Find Full Text'
    3. From the 'Find Full Text' sub-menu choose 'Find Full Text'