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Pacific Islands Studies

What Are Reference Sources?

Reference sources are authoritative works that you can refer to for quick information. They may contain specific information or introductory articles. Types of reference sources include encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, handbooks, atlases, bibliographies, and so on.


Unless otherwise stated, these selected encyclopedias are available in print only. To find other encyclopedias related to the Pacific Islands, search for "encyclopedias oceania" or "encyclopedias pacific" in the UCLA Library catalog.

Online Language Dictionaries

Here are a number of freely-available online dictionaries.  Most are based on old dictionaries compiles by missionaries.


These are licensed resources.  If connecting from home, make sure your computer is configured for off-campus access.

Recommend a Reference Resource?

Is there a reference resource that you think the library should have?  You can recommend a book purchase here or make a comment below.