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Cluster 73: Mind Over Matter: History, Science, and Philosophy of Brain

Welcome to the Cluster 73 Library Guide

This guide was created specifically for your course to help you with your assignments. Click on the tabs on the left to Find Books, Find Articles, and locate other helpful information.

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To Google or Not to Google?

Google is one way to identify and locate materials relevant to your topic.  You must critically evaluate the content you find on the Internet to determine whether it is a worthy source. Beware of articles from content farms. Google is useful for finding news articles, websites, blogs, trade association and government publications, and other materials freely available on the Web.

What Google will not give you, in most cases, is access to full-text articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. The UCLA Library subscribes to numerous electronic databases that provide you with access to these articles for your academic research.

You need to enter the databases from the UCLA Library's website in order to download the articles for free. You can also use Google Scholar to identify articles that UCLA owns. Don't ever pay for an article online! Contact us and we will assist you with finding it.

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