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Video Games Collection

A research guide to inspire and assist with the study of video games within the UCLA community.

Where to Browse

Materials related to video games may be located in several of the campus libraries, including the Powell Library, Music Library, and Arts Library, as well as online. Although you can browse the library stacks under relevant call numbers, you might want to browse the Library Catalog first, to decide which library has the most relevant sources for you.

UCLA's Video Games Collection

Relevant Subject Terms

Search the UCLA Library Catalog under the following Subject Headings to locate sources related to game design and videogames:

  • Animation (Cinematography)
  • Avatars
  • Cinematography --Special effects
  • Computer adventure games
  • Computer animation
  • Computer art
  • Computer game music
  • Computer games
  • Computer games --Design
  • Computer games --Programming
  • Computer games --Songs and music
  • Computer graphics
  • Digital media --Design
  • Digital art
  • Digital media
  • Educational games
  • Electronic games
  • Fantasy games
  • Games
  • Graphical user interface
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Indoor games
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Internet games
  • Motion --Computer simulation
  • Motion pictures and video games
  • Multimedia systems --Design
  • Play
  • Role playing
  • Video game characters
  • Video game characters --Design
  • Video game music
  • Video game music --Scores
  • Video games
  • Video games --Authorship
  • Video games --Design
  • Video games for women
  • Video games in art
  • Video games industry
  • Virtual reality

Browsing Game-related Subjects and Call Numbers

The Library classifies materials according to a system developed by the Library of Congress. In addition to searching the Library Catalog by Subject Heading, you can also browse the UCLA Library Catalog (or the library stacks) by Call Number.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Call Numbers

Animation (cinematography) TR897.5
Avatars QA76.76.I59; GV1469.25
Cinematography -- special effects TR845-TR899
Computer animation TR897.7
Computer art N7438.8-N7433.85
Computer games. Video games. Fantasy games GV1469.15-1469.62
Computer graphics T385
Computer software QA76.75-QA76.765
Digital art N7438.8
Digital Media QA76.575
Digital Media --Social aspects HM851
Games and amusements GV1199-GV1570
Graphical user interface QA76.9.U83
Human-computer interaction QA76.9.H85
Indoor games and amusements GV1221-GV1469.63
Interactive multimedia QA76.575; QA76.76.I59
Internet games QA76.76.I59; QA76.9.H85
Mobile communication systems TK6570.M6; TK5103.2
Mobile communication systems --Social aspects HM1206
Mobile computing QA76.59
Motion pictures and video games PN1995.9.V46
Multimedia systems QA76.575
Recreation. Leisure GV1-GV1860
Television (graphics) TK6630-TK6685
Video game characters NC825; T385
Video games GV1469.3; QA76.73
Virtual reality QA76.9.H85; P96.D36