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An overview of resources at UCLA and in Southern California relevant to genealogy research.

COVID-19 Library Updates

Dear UCLA Library users,

Because of the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 restrictions, the UCLA Library is closed to the public until further notice, and all librarians are working remotely. We apologize for the inconvenience the lack of access to our print materials and in-person library consultations may cause you, but we are pleased to present a guide with links to Temporary Expanded Access to Online Resources for UCLA students, faculty and staff. 

Current UCLA students, faculty, and staff can access all electronic journals, databases, e-books and more by using the proxy-server or VPN.

We have a rich array on online modules containing online library, research and writing instruction. These can be viewed independently or embedded into course CCLE sites.  

For general librarian assistance, please use our Ask-a-Librarian chat services.

For assistance and consultation on remote library instruction in the disciplines of Communication Studies, Jewish & Israel Studies, Library & Information Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Policy and Sociology, please feel free to contact me via email. If we need a more in-depth consultation I am happy to set up a zoom meeting.

Click here to find a list of all our subject specialists.

Please stay healthy and positive during this unusual time and I look forward to working with you all back on campus as soon as viable.

Best regards,

Diane Mizrachi, PhD

Librarian for Social Science, Humanities, Jewish & Israel Studies

General Notes

The UCLA Library has many resources which could potentially be used for genealogy research, but our resources are not comprehensive and are not organized to support genealogy research. In addition, UCLA Library staff must give priority to assisting current UCLA students, faculty, and staff, so we may not have the staff resources to assist genealogy researchers with in-depth questions.

For these reasons, this guide is meant to help you identify other resources available to genealogy researchers in Southern California.

Where to Begin Your Genealogy Research in Southern California

 Because UCLA Library does not specialize in supporting genealogical research, you will do well to start your research at one of these institutions, in person or online.

In Person


Genealogy Resources in the UCLA Library

This is a selection of genealogical resources available at the UCLA Library. For more resources, try a subject search in the Library Catalog for genealogy and your desired geographical region (United States, England) or group (Chinese, Jews).

Please note: If the resource has a blue key, it is only available to non-UCLA users (including UCLA alumni, emeriti, and retirees) while physically on campus.

Biographical Information

History scholars often need reference materials related to biographical information and this information can sometimes be difficult to track down. Here are some other places to start when looking for these materials. Keep in mind that these resources are not comprehensive and feature prominent individuals, so you may not find a lot of your ancestors unless they were significantly influential in their profession, in their government, in high profile historical events, etc. Don't forget to try newspapers that are contemporary to the individual in question.

Please note: If the resource has a blue key, it is only available to non-UCLA users (including UCLA alumni, emeriti, and retirees) while physically on campus.

Some Free Resources on the Web

Genealogy Software

Some Inspiration

Sometimes genealogical research can be frustrating, when you feel that you've hit a brick wall and don't know where to turn next. This selection of TV programs and non-fiction narratives about genealogy might help you feel inspired again—and maybe will give you some research ideas.