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English Composition 100WD: Writing Citizenships in Film and Culture: Sexual and Racial Politics (De)

Your guide to class research resources at UCLA. Find articles, books, videos, and more.

Past Topic Examples

The following are examples of topics from students in past quarters of the class. You can use them to practice searching for different types of resources.

  • Male Rappers and African American Masculinities
  • The Korean Wave, KPop, and Asian Cultural Identities in flux
  • Has colorism in the American beauty industry (especially advertisements) changed over the past decade? Why and why not?
  • Films or TV programs about migrant Latinx children and trauma
  • Racial and Gender Inequalities in Gaming
  • Transforming images of the Muslim American Hollywood cinema and US Television, in relation to structures of finance, resource, and network 
  • Anti-Asian hate and the role of media
  • How were animated cartoons produced during the Civil Rights movement portraying race and how were the racial images being received?
  • Female beauty standards in Bollywood films and beauty products in contemporary India with emphasis on social class and caste disparities.