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Data Visualization

Librarian for Digital Research and Scholarship

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Zoe Borovsky, Ph.D.
phone: 310-825-4954

Data Visualization: a Quick Guide

This guide is designed to show you how to...

  • Find free, open data sets on the Internet
  • Understand the tools available online
  • Decide how to visualize your data

You can also view data visualizations created by other universities, as well as infographics and visualizations that take forms beyond the classic chart or graph!

Presenting data in a visual way can make your research more engaging. Data visualization is the term for information collected and expressed in the form of an image, chart, graph, plot, cloud, tree or other graphical means. Visualizing data makes it more comprehensible, as well. The expression does not have to be complicated; pie charts, line plots and bar graphs are all popular, effective methods of data visualization.

Other forms of information can be expressed as images, as well. This is known as an infographic, or information visualization.

This guide provides an overview of popular data visualization tools on the web, resources for open data, and more tools to help you create your own data visualization.

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