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Data Literacy for Researchers

An introductory guide to finding, analyzing, and communicating data in the research process.

What is Data Literacy?

For the purposes of this guide, data literacy is defined as the ability to ethically find, analyze, and communicate data in the research process.

How to Use This Guide

This guide is organized by three stages of the research data life cycle:

1. Finding Data

2. Analyzing and Visualizing Data

3. Communicating Data

These stages are common to data-driven research across disciplines, though the definition of data itself can vary by discipline. Check out WI+RE's Intro to Data Literacy tutorial to explore different examples of disciplinary data.

For more information about the stages in the research data life cycle, see the UCLA Library Data Literacy Core Competencies.

Guide Credits

This guide was created by Data Literacy Specialist Jennifer Cao, in consultation with UCLA Library staff Ashley Peterson and Ibraheem Ali.