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Blacklist Materials in UCLA Library Special Collections

This research guide is designed to support research and inquiry on the Blacklist.

Blacklist Discussed in Oral History Interviews

Dalton Trumbo HUAC Testimony

Dalton Trumbo's HUAC testimony

  • John Bright: American journalist, screenwriter, political activist
  • Jeff Corey: American stage and screen actor and director and acting teacher
  • Mary Davenport: Blacklisted writer, Waldo Salt's second wife
  • Donald Gordon: Blacklisted RKO Story editor, member of the Communist Party
  • Paul Jarrico: Blacklisted screenwriter, member of the Communist Party
  • Elizabeth Poe Kerby: American journalist who wrote extensively on the Blacklist
  • Alfred Lewis Levitt: Blacklisted American film and television screenwriter
  • Helen Slote Levitt: American television writer, wife, of Alfred Lewis Levitt, Blacklist historian
  • Edward Lewis: American motion picture and television producer who hired Blacklisted writers
  • Albert Maltz: Blacklisted American playwright, fiction writer and screenwriter. 
  • Christopher Trumbo: Son of Blacklisted screen and television writer, Dalton Trumbo