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Depression Grand Challenge

Getting Involved with the Depression Grand Challenge

How can I learn about Depression Grand Challenge progress?

Check out the Depression Grand Challenge Happenings Page for updates on the latest depression research at UCLA. 

You may also sign up to receive our e-newsletters here: (Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email in the “Receive Updates” box). 

Follow UCLA Grand Challenges on Twitter @UCLAThinkGrand

I suffer from depression. How can I become a subject?

For more information about DGC studies and how to participate, look here:

Progress towards the 100K study is continuing. As you can imagine, carrying out a successful 100,000 person study requires a lot of up-front preparation, including running smaller advance pilot studies to test out various elements of the full-scale study. For the next two years, the DGC will be engaged in these pilot studies, some of which will be open to external participants, and some of which will leverage already existing groups of subjects.

There will also be opportunities to enroll in the 100,000 Person Study after it launches, currently estimated to be in 2018.

Contact the DGC Team at |

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