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Sheet Music in Library Special Collections

This guide will highlight specific features found in the UCLA Library Special Collections Sheet Music Collection. The guide is in process, and will be edited frequently.

Cross Dressing Female Performers

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was common to see cross dressing women on the vaudeville stage. Many items in this collection feature photographs of these women on the covers of songs they made famous.


               Claire Romaine                                      Vesta Tilley                                                Della Fox


                 Dixie Norton                                      Grace Leonard                                           Hetty King     


                 Florrie Forde                                         Ella Shields                                              Tempest                                             

Cross Dressing Male Performers


                Julian Elting                                       Williams & Walker                                   Maurice Wood


                  Olin Landick                                   Russell Brothers                                       Tom Martell