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The Beatles

This guide is designed to provide you with resources about the Beatles and their musical styling (e.g., Skiffle, Rock-n-Roll) that will help you to prepare for class exams, papers, and/or projects.

CDs and DVDs (LPs and VHS)

Use the UCLA Library Catalog to find Beatles, Rock-n-Roll and Skiffle CDs and DVDs. CDs and DVDs are cataloged in numerical order (as we receive them); therefore, searches should be complerted as follows: 

To find CDs (or LPs) limit your keyword, author or title search to "sound recordings." 

CD Search

To find DVDs (or VHS) limit your keyword, author or title search to "visual materials." 

DVD Search

Online Audio and Audio-Visual Materials

UCLA offers several music audio/audio-visual databases that are searchable by composer or title of the work.

Online Audio

Online Audio-Visual

L.A. Times Interview with John Lennon, 1974

John Lennon L.A. Interview, 1974

This photograph is available as part of the Los Angeles Times Photograph Collection. You can see a larger version of thise image via the UCLA Digital Library Collections