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Key Journals in Sociology

The following are some of the top journals for sociology sorted by Impact Factor (latest 2011).  If you are looking for a journal to skim through or to help you keep up-to-date with current research and trends, start with these. For more detailed listings of journals in sociology and their rankings, visit the Journal Citation Reports within the Web of Knowledge database. 

Finding Journals

The UCLA Library has access to thousands of periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers—items that are published at intervals with no end in sight), most through subscription, though some are free. These periodicals may be in print, online, or both. Online periodicals may be part of broader article databases. Make sure you configure your computer for off-campus access to both licensed and unlicensed online resources.

Before beginning your research:

Finding Journals

If you already know the name of the journal, search for it in the UCLA Library Catalog. Put the journal title in the search box and select Journal Title or Journal Title (Start of) in the dropdown menu. Skip any initial articles of the journal title (e.g., A, An, The). The record will give you the call number and location of print journals and/or provide links to the online version. If the UCLA Library does not own the journal, you may borrow it through interlibrary loan.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

If you do not have a specific journal in mind, find articles on your topic by searching in article databases. For more information, go to the Databases section of this research guide.

TIP! On this page are titles of selected journals on general anthropology, as well as specific branches of anthropology. The UCLA Library has access to many more journals than these; follow instructions within each box to find more titles.

Recommend a Journal?

Is there a journal that you think the library should have? You can recommend a purchase here or make a comment below.