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Mines and Mining Resources for Southern California

Map of San Diego County

Map of Southern California counties, with San Diego highlighted.

Print Resources

  • Geology and mineral resources of San Diego County. C.D.M.G. County Report 3 [1963]
  • Geology of the Cuyamaca Peak quadrangle, San Diego County, California.C.D.M.G. Bulletin 159 p. 51-115 [1951]
  • Geology and mineral deposits of the Julian district, San Diego County, California.California Journal of Mines and Geology, v. 30, p. 331-370 [1934]
  • Geology and nickel mineralization of the Julian-Cuyamaca area, San Diego County, California. California Journal of Mines and Geology, v. 42, p. 15-29 [1946]
  • Gem and lithium-bearing pegmatites of the Pala district, San Diego County, California. C.D.M.G. Special Report 7-A [1951]
  • Geology of the central part of the Ramona pegmatite district, San Diego County.C.D.M.G. Special Report 86 [1965]
  • Economic geology of the Rincon pegmatites, San Diego County, California.C.D.M.G. Special Report 7-B [1951]
  • Geology and mineral resources of Santa Ysabel quadrangle, San Diego County, California. C.D.M.G. Bulletin 177 [1958]

Mineral Resources of Wilderness Study Areas

  • Sawtooth Mountains and Carrizo Gorge/Eastern McCain Valley. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1711-B [1987]
  • Southern Otay Mountain and western Otay Mountain. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1711-E [1988]

Government Resources

Other Electronic Resources

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