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Mines and Mining Resources for Southern California

Map of Inyo County

Map of Southern California counties, with Inyo county highlighted.

Print Resources

  • Mines of the eastern Sierra. Mary DeDecker, Glendale, CA., La Siesta Press. [1966]
  • Geology of the Cerro Gordo mining district, Inyo County, California. U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 408 [1963]
  • The Darwin silver-lead mining district, California. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 580-A, p. 1-24 [1913]
  • Economic geology of the Darwin quadrangle Inyo County, California. C.D.M.G. Special Report 51 [1958]
  • Geology and ore deposits of the Darwinquadrangle, Inyo County, California.U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 368 [1962]
  • Geology and ore deposits of the Darwin silver-lead mining district, Inyo County, California. California Journal of Mines and Geology, v. 34, p. 503-563 [1938]
  • Mines and mineral deposits in Death Valley National Monument [Inyo and San Bernardino Counties]. C.D.M.G. Special Report 125 [1976]
  • Geology of the Independence quadrangle, Inyo County, California. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1181-0 [1965]
  • Mineral resources of Inyo and White Mountains, California. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 540, p. 81-120 [1912]
  • Economic geology of the Panamint Butte quadrangle and Modoc district, Inyo County, California. C.D.M.G. Special Report 73 [1963]
  • Geology of the Panamint Butte quadrangle, Inyo County, California. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1299 [1971]
  • Geology of the Panamint silver district, California. Economic Geology, v. 25, p. 305-325 [1930]
  • Mineral resources of a part of the Panamint Range, California. Report of the State Mineralogist, v. 28, p. 357-376 [1932]
  • Geology of the Queen of Sheba lead mine, Death Valley, California. C.D.M.G. Special Report 88 [1965]
  • Mineral resources of the Resting Springs region, Inyo County. California Journal of Mines and Geology, v. 33, p. 264-270 [1937]
  • Geology and tungsten deposits of the Tungsten Hills, Inyo County, California.California Journal of Mines and Geology, v. 46, p. 23-42 [1950]
  • Geology of mineral deposits, Ubehebe Peak quadrangle, Inyo County, California.C.D.M.G. Special Report 42 [1955]

Mineral Land Classification

  • Ash Meadows, Big Dune, Eagle Mountain, Funeral Peak, Ryan, Pahrump and Stewart Valley [15'] quadrangles and High Peak [7.5'] quadrangle. C.D.M.G. OFR 86-10
  • Eureka-Saline Valley area. C.D.M.G. OFR 88-2

Mineral Resources of the Wilderness Study Areas

  • Funeral Mountains. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1709-A [1987]
  • Greenwater Valley. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1709-B [1987]
  • Inyo Mountains. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1708-A [1985]
  • Nopah Range. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1709-C [1987]
  • Owens Peak and Little Lake Canyon. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1708-B [1985]
  • Sacatar Meadows. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1705-D [1988]
  • Southern Inyo Area. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1705-B [1987]
  • Buttermilk Roadless Area. U.S.G.S. OFR 82-380 (fiche)
  • Hunter Mountain. U.S.G.S. OFR 84-557 (fiche)
  • Little Sand Spring. U.S.G.S. OFR 84-557 (fiche)
  • Panamint Dunes. U.S.G.S. OFR 84-678 (fiche)
  • Saline Valley & Lower Saline area. U.S.G.S. OFR 84-560 (fiche)
  • Slate Range. U.S.G.S. OFR 84-754 (fiche)
  • Wildrose Canyon. U.S.G.S. OFR 84-665 (fiche)

Government Resources

Other Electronic Resources

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