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Cluster 72: Sex: From Biology to Gendered Society

Peer Writing and Research Specialist

Your Peer Research & Writing Specialist is Nick Wilson

Set up a consultation with Nick to talk about research, writing, assignments, study skills, and getting settled in the Cluster program and at UCLA!

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Meet Nick Wilson

Name: Nick Wilson

Cluster: 72, Sex from Biology to Gendered Society 

Major: Psychobiology

Hometown: Everett, WA

Fun fact: I’m on the UCLA Club Gymnastics team, and have been doing gymnastics for nine years.

I wished I’d known:  College is not just higher education—it’s a place to learn about yourself and your interests and to accentuate your passions. Now is the time to branch out and try new things!       

Benefit of taking a Cluster: You get to look at a broad topic through a multitude of different perspectives throughout the fall and winter, and then zone in on a lens of your choosing for spring seminar!