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Global Jazz Research

Look here for help with research on Jazz music and Jazz musicians.

Connect from Off-Campus

UCLA students, faculty, and staff can access Library subscription databases from off-campus using either of the following options.

Find CDs

Find a Popular Song, Jazz tune, or Broadway show song.

Use a Keyword search in the UCLA Library Catalog.

Songs can be hard to find if they have titles like "I Love You", "Go Away", or" Take the A Train", or one word titles like "Summertime". When you search add the name of the performer or song writer and put the title in quotes, for example: "I Love You" ella fitzgerald; summertime lambert hendricks ross.  You can add the word "digital" so that you get CDs, for example: "honeysuckle rose" waller digital; "all the things you are" digital. (You can also add the word "sound" but you'll get CDs, LPs, and other formats too.)

Find Songs and Albums by a Band or Performer.

Use an Author (lastname, firstname) search in the UCLA Library Catalog.

Change the search box from Keyword to Author (lastname, firstname). For people, enter the last name first: Reinhardt Django; Coleman Ornette, etc.

For bands just enter the name of the band: Modern Jazz Quartet; Art Farmer Quintet, etc.

Audio Licensed for UCLA

Video Licensed for UCLA