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Contemporary Music Score Collection Guide

How to use and search the Contemporary Music Score Collection

2022 Most Used Scores Globally

1. Monotonia by Helio Boechat Seródio 

2. Shubho Lhaw Qolo by Sami Seif

3. Skuggaljós by Gísli Magnússon 

4. Reino Fungi by Daniel Lumertz

5. Suite for 2 Violins and Piano I - Western Dances by Ante Božić-Kudrić

6. Ballade by Sean Clarke 

7. Caminos del Espejo by José Halac

8. Amazing Grace, The Sweet Sound of Children (Einstein was a Refugee) and Amazing Grace, A Song for All (Harvery Milk Gave Us Hope)
by Margaret Jones

9. Glimpse by Tomàs Peire Serrate

10. Bloodwork by James Lowrie 

11. Alive by Roxani Chatzidimitriou 

12. Quilla mama by Contreras Waiss Mark 

13. Nr. 4-5. Ich bin gekommen! - Tut Buße! from ECCE HOMO Holy Oratorio in 3 Parts by Aliz Asztalos 

14. Elehiya para sa mga Biktima ng Masaker sa Maguindanao (Elegy for the Victims of the Maguindanao Massacre) by Ryle Nicole Q. Custodio

15. Fallen by Can Bilir 

2021 Most Used Scores Globally

1. Reino Fungi by Daniel Lumertz.

2. Skuggaljós by Gísli Magnússon.

3. El Camino de los Tres Sabios by Emmanuel Segarra Ortíz

4. Ballade by Sean Clarke

5. Elehiya para sa mga Biktima ng Masaker sa Maguindanao (Elegy for the Victims of the Maguindanao Massacre) by Ryle Nicole Q. Custodio

6. Constellations I. (Before I Say Yes), 01 - Euforie by Michal Nejtek.

7. Caminos del Espejo by José Halac.

8. Apocrypha by Angus Lee.

9. The Nazca Lines by Xavier Shuang Xu.

10. Sol LeWitt Letter to Eva Hesse by Alexa Babakhanian.

11. Fallen by Can Bilir.  

12. Shubho Lhaw Qolo by Sami Seif

13. My Idols Are Dead by Marcus Norris.

14. Island Universe by Andrew List.

15. Extinction Rebellion by Pavle Cajic.

Wu, [alien forests]

Sam Wu, [alien forests]

“Depending on the spectra of  their local stars,

the flora of  exoplanets may come in wildly

different colors than our own:

red, purple, blue, or even black.”

[alien forests] recording

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Li , The Dryad

Shuying Li , “The Dryad”

“The Dyad was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s same-titled fairy tale. It depicts a chestnut tree’s  migration  from  the  countryside  to  the  modern  city,  and  focuses  on  the  ideas  of  nostalgia, desire, modernity, old and new homes, and contrast and struggles related. Schubert’s song “Der Lindenbaum” is featured throughout the piece as a representation of nostalgia and old memories that the dryad has when being migrated to a new place with totally new experiences.”

The Dryad Recording

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Yong, Mo Sheng 墨声 Ink Sound

Byron Au Yong,  Mo Sheng 墨声 Ink Sound

“Mò Shēng 墨声 Ink Sound relates the simplicity and density of sound to the amount of ink on a brush. The string quartet plays with a calligraphic impulse, inspired by Pan Gongkai’s Exhibition.”


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Xu, Phase Transition

Xavier Shuang Xu, “Phase Transition”

“An experiment on the order of pitches, dynamics, and timbres.”


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Chan, Playing Schumann

Marc Chan, “Playing Schumann”

"Marc holds a doctorate in composition from the Manhattan School of Music and is a member of the New Dramatists Composer-Librettist Workshop and the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Advanced Workshop."

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Pang, The Others

Yan Pang, The Others 

“This work moves through a varying spectrum of Chinese and American values including choreography of internal reflection and contemplation enacted through movement to portray external societal dissonance. The dance piece seeks to convey a process of racialization and translation in my birth country, my journey to the U.S., and my new home country.”

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Tran, Basil and Bean Sprout

Nicholas Tran, Basil and Bean Sprout

“Basil and Bean Sprout is written to closely mirror the migration of phơ from its origins to the United States.”

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Shine, Resilience

Risha Shine, Resilience

“I have attempted to portray the happy and the sad, the anger and the numbing heartache. In the end, tonality prevails in a peaceful, possibly triumphant, return to happiness; the kind only resilience can reward.”

Resilience recording

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Cheng, Voir dire


Michele Cheng, Voir dire

“This piece is based on real cases, a personal experience as a selected juror for a criminal case, and field research.”

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Harlafti, The City Wears Nothing

Niki Harlafti, The City Wears Nothing

“This piece was inspired by the distant, echoing city sounds of Boston in the evening stillness, as I experienced them through my fifth floor apartment window, facing a brick highlight.”

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Bansal, Trail of Stars

Juhi Bansal, Trail of Stars 

"This piece plays with elements of time, improvisation and repetition to mirror the meditative serenity of these long-exposure shots, juxtaposed with moments of sharpness for the stars’ brilliant arcs of motion.”

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Koh, Going Home

Cheng Jin Koh, Going Home 

“The lyrical cinematography and warm colors captured in the painting serve as the greatest impetus for my work, where I hope to create a calm ambience of nature comforting one's desire for a long-awaited reunion”

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Lancaster, Intangible Landscapes

Yaz Lancaster, Intangible Landscapes

"'Intangible landscapes deals with the growing feelings of ennui and isolation I encounter[ed] living in New York over the past six years, and how perceived landscapes of memory shift, breathe and transform over periods of time."

Intangible Landscapes recording

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Fulton, Deadlock: Concerto for Beatboxer


Ruby Fulton, Deadlock: Concerto for Beatboxer

"'Deadlock' is a concerto custom-made for Baltimore beatboxer Shodekeh, an artist of vocal percussion." 

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Stevenson, Seven Sisters

Eldred Stevenson, Seven Sisters

“ELDRED STEVENSON is a composer, musician and teacher based in Bristol, UK. He was originally a self-taught musician and producer, and was involved in countless recording and performance projects between 1990 - 2010, most notably founding economically catastrophic improvisation 'cult' The Orange Show circa 2001."

Seven Sisters recording

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Lee, Farewell...

Michael Lee, “Farewell…”

"‘Farewell…’ for string quartet was written in 2012 for friends during my time living in New York City. It was my last composition written before moving to Los Angeles in 2013, and thus is a kind of adieu to my friends and to the amazing experience I had studying and writing in Manhattan.”

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Enström, Notes on Progression

Warren Enström, Notes on Progression

"Notes on progression explores how one gesture may transform into another and how resonance expands beyond its original source and its original container words words words.”

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