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Public Affairs 112: Social Movements

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Librarian for Public Policy & Urban Planning

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Kelsey Brown
Subjects: Public Affairs


Journals are publications that usually consist of articles, book reviews, and/or other information relevant to a topic. Journals are often published on a schedule - quarterly, monthly, etc. Most academic journals are peer reviewed. 

Here's a list of titles of some of the other journals (not linked above) that may have content relevant to the topic of social movements:

American Sociological Review; Labour History Review (Maney Publishing); Antipode; Social Problems; Information, Communication & Society; American Journal of Sociology; Globalizations; Qualitative Sociology; New Labor Forum (Routledge); Sociological Perspectives; Labour / Le Travail; Sociological Quarterly; American Behavioral Scientist; City; Critical Sociology (Brill Academic Publishers); Environmental Politics; Journal of Homosexuality; Media, Culture & Society; Sociological Inquiry; Capital & Class; Theory & Society; Women's Studies Quarterly; Annual Review of Sociology; International Feminist Journal of Politics; NACLA Report on the Americas; Radical History Review; Social Alternatives; Sociological Review; Sociology; Women's Studies International Forum; Peace & Change; Social Justice; Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary & Nonprofit Organizations; Women's History Review, and many more!

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