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Study of Religion

About This Guide

This guide serves as a starting point for researchers and students interested in the Study of Religion. It contains information on selected resources from the UCLA collections, as well as provides links to materials that are freely accessible elsewhere. This guide provides information on both print and electronic resources, as well as materials in other formats (e.g., microforms, films, images, etc.). (Please note that off-campus access to licensed resources requires user authentication through the proxy server.)

Note: I am still building this guide, so there are sure to be changes and updates.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to email me or leave a comment on any of the boxes in this guide.

UCLA Campus Resources

Religious Student Groups at UCLA

Religion and Belief in the News

To see news articles on religion featured in th New York Times, click here.

To access news articles featured in the FaithWorld RSS feed from Reuters, select a title below:

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