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Women in American Film and Television Production

A guide on resources devoted to the role of women as creators in U.S. film and television, including directing, producing, script writing, editing, design, and more.

UCLA Film & Television Archive

The UCLA Film & Television Archive holds over 350,000 motion pictures and 170,000 television programs, spanning the entire course of film and broadcasting history. The collection includes independent and studio-produced shorts and feature films, documentaries, local and network TV programming, commercials, news and public affairs broadcasts, LGBTQIA media, and 27 million feet of newsreels produced between 1919 and 1971. The Archive has preserved important works by women in American film and television, including those by: Maya Angelou, Dorothy Arzner, Jacqueline Babbin, Shirley Clarke, Juleen Compton, Julie Dash, Zeinabu irene Davis, Cheryl Dunye, Barbara Loden, Ida Lupino, Frances Marion, Mary Pickford, Kelly Reichardt and Barbara Schultz.

The Archive's catalog of holdings is distinct from that of the Library, and can be accessed via their homepage. Not all of the Archive's holdings are listed in the catalog, so contacting the Archive Research and Study Center directly about holdings and access is recommended.

Selected Streaming Video By and About Women Filmmakers

Selected Scholarship Researched at the Archive Research and Study Center