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Vietnamese Films

A guide to films on Vietnam, the Vietnam War, and Vietnamese-Americans available at UCLA. Includes title lists of documentaries and feature films.

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This guide, including the lists of films, was created with the help of Kien Ngo, student assistant to the Librarian for Southeast Asian Studies.

Vietnamese Films at UCLA

UCLA has a sizeable collection of films related to Vietnam, the Vietnam War, and Vietnamese-Americans.These films are mostly in Vietnamese or English and produced either in Vietnam or the United States. Most of the films are held by the UCLA Library, while some are available through Instructional Media Collections & Services (IMCS).

This guide provides a listing of the films available at UCLA. We have tried to make it as exhaustive as possible. The films are divided into various categories, such as: documentaries, features, music & comedy, and description & travel. Within the documentary and feature categories, there are sub-categories for films related to the Vietnam War and on Vietnamese-Americans. Because films can offer different perspectives, depending on who produced them (this would be particularly true for Vietnam War films), we have also divided films according to where they were produced or "published."

Films held by the UCLA Library can be checked out, while those held by IMCS can only be viewed in the Instructional Media Lab.

Note: If you have any suggestions or recommendations for this guide, please email the subject librarian or leave comments.

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