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Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library History and Special Collections for the Sciences

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Image Collections

20th Century

18th and 19th Century

  • Banks' Florilegium. 734 plates pulled from the original 18th century copperplates Commissioned by Sir Joseph Banks and re-pulled by Alecto Historical Editions. 1980-[1992].
  • Charles Carton Collection of botanical prints.
  • Ferdinand Lucas Bauer, 1760-1826. Illustrationes florae novae Hollandiae sive icones generum. (A collection of botanical intaglio prints pulled from the original copperplates by Alecto Historical Editions).

Life Sciences Collections

Life Sciences Collections

The various collections of the History and Special Collections Division support the study of the history of medicine and biology. Collections consist of books, journals, manuscript, prints, portraits, and medical artifacts. For further assistance in locating manuscripts, prints, portraits, or other artifacts, please inquire in the division.

UCLA Biomedical Library Manuscript Collections: This is a partial listing of the manuscript holdings of the History and Special Collections Division.

Books and Journals in the History of Medicine and Biology

Visit UC Search. Almost all of the books and journals (this includes rare books, and journals, reference works, and histories and biographies) held by the History and Special Collections Division may be found using UC Search. A few special collections of books are described below.

UCLA Library Acquires Historical Collection of Medical Texts
The UCLA Library has acquired a historical collection of books and journals from Germany, primarily medical texts in the field of otorhinolaryngology. The materials were originally in the private library of Dr. Cäsar Hirsch, a specialist in the field, who was forced to leave all his belongings behind when he and his family fled Germany in 1933.

Prints, Portraits, and Artifacts

Currently, detailed information about these collections is available only in the History Division. Many of the images are recorded in a card catalog located in the Division.

Museum Artifacts

Although small, the Division's museum collection contains artifacts that provide insight into the practice of medicine in different eras. Surgeon's instrument cases, microscopes, scarifiers, thumb lancets, anesthesia masks, phrenological heads, cupping instruments, and glass eyes all bear witness to ideas and practices of the past.

Collection Highlights

The John C. Liebeskind History of Pain Collection

The Liebeskind Collection is a multi-disciplinary collection focusing on the history of pain alleviation in all of its manifestations. Oral histories with major figures in the pain field form the backbone of the collection, but we also have and collect the papers of individuals and the records of organizations. Pre-20th century historical materials also form an important part of the collection and are interpreted through exhibits and symposia.

IASP Online Archives

Profiles on chapters of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP).

The Donald R. Dickey Collection of Vertebrate Zoology: Photographs

The Donald Ryder Dickey Collection consists of photographs, films, books, and manuscripts in the form of field notebooks. There is also a large specimen (primarily birds and mammals) collection curated by the Department of Organismic Biology, Ecology, and Evolution, UCLA. Dickey (1897-1934) was a naturalist, photographer, and collector. The majority of his work was done between 1908 and 1925. He worked primarily in Canada, California, and Hawaii. The site also contains information about Dickey and his career. The History and Special Collections Division has mounted 350 images from the Donald Ryder Dickey Photographic Collection on the web. The early 20th century photographs focus on birds, mammals, and habitats in California

Neuroscience History Archives, Brain Research Institute, UCLA

The Neuroscience History Archives, Brain Research Institute, UCLA, and the Biomedical Library, History and Special Collections collaborate to document the history of the Brain Research Institute and the broader history of neuroscience.

Indexing the Web

These sites aim to list, index, or inventory the great variety of material appearing on the Web that relates to the history of medicine and science.

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