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Gender Studies 119: Racial Violence and the Law

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Diana King

Racial Violence in the Settler State

This course addresses how racial violence operates in the project of statecraft in settler societies. Our course analyzes the multiple registers and scales of racial violence by addressing the construction and maintenance of social, political, legal and geographic/physical boundaries in such societies. Our course considers the use of carceral spaces/criminalization in the making of the nation-state and attends to the ways in which settler colonialism is a sexed, gendered, and sexualized project. 

The resources below represent only a small selection of materials available on racial violence and resistance in settler societies. This selection was curated to help students fulfill course requirements and, as a result, emphasizes primary documents and legal discourses available in english. Both open access resources and closed access databases are provided below.  Users should be aware that materials document and illustrate racial violence, terror, and death and may include disturbing materials and images of racial violence.

It is our hope that in developing a rigorous understanding of the role of racial violence in settler society, we can also develop a critical race and feminist analysis to sustain political anti-violence projects.

The RVHub and RDIC

The Racial Violence Hub and Race and Deaths in Custody are projects of Dr. Sherene H. Razack, the UCLA Penny Kanner Endowed Chair in Gender Studies. 

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