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Urban Planning 217: Community Collaborative

Course guide focusing on COVID-19 Impact on Southern California labor and labor unions

Librarian for Public Policy & Urban Planning

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Michelle Brasseur
Young Research Library, Level A
Subjects: Public Affairs

How to Use This Guide

Welcome to the course research guide for Urban Planning 217: Community Collaborative. To email or schedule an appointment with your subject librarian, please use the buttons under the photo on the left-hand side of this page. Links included in these pages are often best viewed after logging into the VPN when working away from campus. Please use the Connect from Off-Campus link below for more information. 

Use the tabs on the left to navigate this guide. 

Search Tips:

  1. Connect to the campus VPN before every search and before clicking on the links in this guide.
  2. Exclude the dash (-) when searching for COVID-19 (use: COVID 19 or 2019 Novel Coronavirus). This is because most databases, including Google and Google Scholar use (-) instead of, or in some cases in addition to, the word NOT, which in Boolean search means that whatever follows the NOT or dash will be excluded from your search.


See the Library's general 2019 Novel Coronavirus Research Guide for information related to medicine, public health, economic, and other factors. Find a link in the tabs on the left-hand side of this page.

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