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Communication 1A: Public Speaking for Nonnative Speakers

Major Online Social Science Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias are a good place to start if you need an overview of a topic you are unfamiliar with. They will often include a bibliography of sources that you can consult for more information.

The links below lead you to a selection of encyclopedia titles/collections that might be relevant to your Communication assignments. Some of the links are to groups of titles from a single publisher--you can select those that seem appropriate to your topic.


To find print dictionaries in the library, the easiest way is to look under the call numbers in the following chart. The best and/or most recent dictionaries are usually in the Powell Library Main Reading Room and the Research Library Reading Room. Older dictionaries (which can be checked out) are shelved in those libraries' book stacks with the regular books.

  • Arabic: PJ 6640
  • Chinese: PL 1455
  • Danish: PD 3540
  • Dutch: PF 640
  • English: PE 1625
  • Finnish: PH 279
  • French: PC 2640
  • Gaelic: PB 1591
  • German: PF 3640
  • Greek: PA 445
  • Hebrew: PJ 4833
  • Hungarian: PH 2640
  • Indonesian: PL 5076
  • Irish: PB 1291
  • Italian: PC 1640
  • Japanese: PL 679
  • Korean: PL 937
  • Latin: PA 2635
  • Norwegian: PD 2691
  • Persian: PK 6391
  • Polish: PG 6640
  • Portuguese: PC 5333
  • Russian: PG 2640
  • Spanish: PC 4640
  • Swedish: PD 5640
  • Tagalog: PL 6056
  • Turkish: PL 191
  • Yiddish: PJ 5117

For languages not on the list, search the Library Catalog for "[language] dictionaries" as a Subject List. For dictionaries that translate into English use "[language] english dictionaries."