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Data Management for the Social Sciences

Access to Print Resources (as of 3/20/20)


As part of UCLA's transition to remote instruction, and the Library's necessary decision to close all Library locations, access to print resources and special collections is not available. Please take advantage of electronic resources such as ebooks and article databases. The UCLA community can connect to these online resources off-campus via the VPN or proxy server. Interlibrary loan is still available for electronic journal articles; however, ebooks cannot be borrowed on interlibrary loan.

For help with any of our resources, please schedule an appointment with a librarian (audio/video Zoom appointments available), contact your subject librarian directly, or use our 24/7 chat service.    


Social Siences Data - Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Examples of social science data include:

  • survey data (opinion polls, voting records)
  • nonsurvey data (images, maps, sound, video, multimedia)
  • raw measurments, numeric tables, government statistics, and indices
  • text (fieldnotes, transcripts, blogs, e-mails)
  • spatial (zonal, event, spatial referent)

Common File Formats

  • Text - ASCII, Word, PDF
  • Numerical - ASCII, Excel, Access, SPSS, STATA
  • Mulitimedia - jpeg, tiff, dicom, mpeg, quicktime
  • Spatial - geotiff, KLM, KMZ
  • Models - 3D, statistical