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Affordable Course Materials Initiative

A collection of resources and information for ACMI - useful for anyone looking to replace costly educational materials with freely-available alternatives

Scholarly Communication Librarian

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Jennifer Chan

Librarians Assemble!

Faculty that are chosen for the initiative have a wide variety of librarians and library staff available to assist in their efforts. Depending on the scope of your proposal, a consulting team will be assembled with specialized skills in your subject area, licensing new resources, digitization, and much more.

Subject Specialists and Selectors

Whatever your discipline, there is a librarian identified as your Subject Specialist. This person can best help you explore the available literature in your subject and help evaluate the quality of the materials you find. They are usually the "selector" of your topic area as well—the person who makes most library purchasing decisions for your subject area. Find your Subject Specialist now.

Scholarly Communication and Licensing

The staff in SCL are well versed in issues surrounding copyright and intellectual property, and can help explain how copyright law affects the decisions you'll make, particularly when it comes to employing Fair Use to distribute materials. They work closely with selectors as they negotiate the library's licenses for electronic resources.


More information coming soon.

Find License Terms for a Specific Resource

When handling a specific library-licensed resource it's sometimes necessary to check the terms of the license to verify if certain activities are allowed, such as sharing materials through course management systems. You'll need to check one or both of the following two portals to find that information.

Most of the library's electronic resources are licensed by CDL for all 10 UC campuses and can be checked here:

If you don't find an electronic resource available through the UCLA Library above, we must have licensed it separately from CDL. You'll need to check those here:

If you do not find the resource in either of those portals, email us for further assistance.