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Asian M60W / Religion M60W: Introduction to Buddhism

Finding Books

Books are useful for research because they:

  • Give in-depth coverage of a topic
  • Often provide background information on a topic
  • Can be used to get an overview of a topic
  • Demonstrate how a research topic relates to broader, narrower and related issues

At UCLA there are two different library catalogs to search for materials:

Tips for Book Searching

When searching for books, here are a few strategies to start with:

  1. If you are not sure of where to start, do a KEYWORD search for relevant terms or phrases; Put the phrases in "quotation marks".
  2. If you already have a relevant book or article in hand, use its bibliography/references to find other sources.
  3. Do a subject heading search in a catalog (see box to the far left).
  4. Use ? to truncate a word, e.g., american? will retrieve american and americans.