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ICPSR Health Data

ICPSR: Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research.

Active for Life: Translation of Physical Activity Programs for Mid-Life and Older Adults, 2003-2007 [United States]

Adult Respite Care Funded or Provided by State Governments, 1992: [United States]

Age at Menarche of Poor Viennese Women, 1907

Aspirin Myocardial Infarction Study, 1975-1979

Bay Area Health Task Force Small Employers' Health Insurance Helpline Database, 1989-1992

Brazilian Survey on Nutrition and Health, 1989

Bureau of Health Professions Area Resource File, 1940-1990: [United States]

Business Leaders' Views on American Health Care, 1990

Cancer Surveillance and Epidemiology in the United States and Puerto Rico, 1973-1977

Carlschule Students Height Measurements, 1771-1793

Charleston Heart Study, 1960-2000

Chronic Illness and Caregiving, 2000: [United States]

Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys (CPES), 2001-2003 [United States]

Communities in Charge Survey, 2001-2003 [Alameda County, California, Austin, Texas, and Southern Maine]

Community Connections in Board and Care Homes Serving Chronically Ill Adults in Ten States, 1993-1994

Community Hospital Program (CHP) Access Impact Evaluation Surveys, 1978-1979, 1981

Comparative Analysis of Small and Large Group Health Care Utilization and Costs, 1988-1990: [Western Pennsylvania]

Comparison of Risk Attitudes and Perceptions in Japan and the United States, 1993

Confederate Amnesty Records for the United States Civil War, 1863-1866

Consumers and Health Care Quality Information Survey in California, 1999-2000

Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CSFII): One Day's Food Intake Data for Men 19-50 Years of Age, 1985 [United States]

Descriptors and Measurements of the Height of Runaway Slaves and Indentured Servants in the United States, 1700-1850

National Survey of Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Problems [Healthcare for Communities]

Effects of Preferred Provider Organizations on Health Care Use and Costs: Pooled Cross-Sectional Time Series, First Quarter 1988 Through First Quarter 1990

End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD): Transplantation, Dialysis, and Quality of Life in Michigan, 1984-1988

Epidemiology of Depression and Help-Seeking Behavior, 1979-1983, Los Angeles, California

Evaluation of the Partnership for Long-Term Care (PLTC) [California, Connecticut, Indiana, and New York]: Surveys of PLTC/non-PLTC Insurers,

Extending Health Insurance to the Working Poor: An Assessment of Health Status and Health Care Utilization Effects Among New York City Home Health Attendants, February 1990-June 1991

Filipino American Community Epidemiological Study (FACES), 1995-1999

Gateways and Pathways Project (GAPP) 1997-2000, St. Louis, Missouri

Geriatric Home Care Utilization: San Francisco, 1968-1975

Health Maintenance Organizations in the United States, 1984

Height and Weight of West Point Cadets, 1843-1894

Impact of the Internet and Advertising on Patients and Physicians

Informal and Formal Supports in Aging in Albany, Rensselaer, and Schenectady Counties, New York

Inventory of Long-Term Care Places

Investigating the Extent and Conditions of Reproductive Health Service Coverage in Private-Sector Insurance

Massachusetts Nursing Profession Entrants Survey

Minority Aging and Health

Nang Rong Projects

National Health Provider Inventory

National Impact Study: Best Practice Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults

National Lesbian Health Care Survey

National Longitudinal Survey of Local Public Health Systems

National Preventive Dentistry Demonstration Program

National Profile of Local Health Departments

National School Health Services Program Evaluation

National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project (NSHAP)

National Study of Internal Medicine, Physician Practice Study

North Dakota Health Insurance Survey, 1998

Physician Responses to Medicare Payment Reductions: Impacts on the Public and Private Sectors, 1988-1991

Physicians in Massachusetts: Views of the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law, 2009

Prescription for Health Evaluation: Practice Information Form Data, 2005-2007 [United States]

Reference Point Effects in Eliciting Values of Environmental Goods, 1988-1990: [Oregon]

Role of Trust in Risk Perception and Risk Management, April 1992

Social Effects of Minor Tranquilizer Use: Detroit, 1981

Southern Rural Access Program (SRAP) Survey of Access to Outpatient Medical Services in the Rural Southeast, 2002-2003

Springfield [Massachusetts] Study of Populations with Disabilities, 1993-1997

State Risk Pool Utilization and Cost Data, 1988-1991: [Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska, Washington, and Wisconsin]

Study of Ambulatory Care Sensitive Diagnoses as a Monitor of Primary Access, 1993: [California]

Trends in Hospital and Health Personnel in the United States and Canada, 1968-1991

Survey of California's Nonpoor Uninsured and Individually Insured Adults, 1998

Survey of Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP) Members, 1994: [United States]

Understanding the Consequences of Medical Underwriting, 1991-1992: [Minnesota]

Use of Radiology and Laboratory Tests Among Selected Inpatients in Canadian and United States Hospitals, 1990-1991