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Music Scores and Sheet Music

How to find music scores and sheet music at UCLA or online: classical, jazz, popular music, etc.

Call Numbers for Instrumental Music

M 2 Historical Sets
M 3 Composers’ Collected Works
M 6-180 Solo Instrument
   M 20-37 Solo piano music
   M 40-44 Solo violin music
   M 50-54 Solo cello music
   M 60-64 Solo flute music
M 180-298.5 Two instruments
   M 217 Violin and piano
   M 240-244 Flute and piano
   M 248-251 Clarinet and piano
   M 260-261 Trumpet and piano
M 300 Trios
   M 312 Piano Trios
   M 351 String Trios
M 400 Quartets
   M 452 String Quartets
M 500 Quintets
   M 556 Wind Quintets
   M 557 Brass Quintets
M 600 Sextets
   M String Sextets
M 700
M 800
M 900
M 1000 Orchestra music
   M 1001 Symphonies
   M 1010 Piano with Orchestra (concertos)
   M 1012 Violin with Orchestra
   M 1015 Violin with Orchestra (piano reduction)
   M 1023 Clarinet with Orchestra
   M 1032 Trombone with Orchestra
M 1100 String Orchestra
M 1200 Band Scores
M 1470 Chance and electronic works

Call Numbers for Vocal and Stage Music

M 1500 Stage and dramatic works
    M 1500 Operas, musicals (full scores)
    M 1503 Operas, musicals (vocal scores)
    M 1508 Songs from musicals
    M 1520 Ballet and dance
M 1600 Songs
    M 1619 Song anthologies
    M 1620 Art songs, Lieder
    M 1630.18 American popular songs, fake books
    M 1977 Wedding music
M 2000 Sacred vocal
    M 2020 Cantatas (eg. JS Bach) full score

What's a Call Number?

Music is arranged on the shelf by a "Call Number". All printed music score call numbers begin with "M"

Example 1: M 557.B252 op. 31

  • 557 means it is a quintet, specifically a woodwind quintet
  • .B meant the composers name begins with a "B"
  • 253 is specific to Samuel Barber
  • op. 31 specifies the actual work, the Summer Music for Woodwind Quintet, op. 31.

Example 2: M 1001.L69f 2003

  • 1001 is for symphonies
  • .L69 is for Liszt
  • "f" is the first word of the title, Faust Symphony
  • 2003 is the publication date, distinguising this copy from others on the shelf

Example 3: M 1630.18.A415 1990z

  • 1600 means songs, 1630.18 is American popular song
  • .A means the title of the collection begins with A
  • 415 puts it in order on the shelf: "All the Best Heavy Metal Ballads"
  • 1990 is the year of publication
  • z specifies this 1990 edition from another one