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Cluster 60W: Sisters of Song (Spring 2021)


Did you know that the UCLA Library has access to thousands of e-books available for free? UCLA students, faculty, and staff can read all of these books online from your computer or mobile device. You can even download, highlight, and print many of these e-books. Click on the link below to visit our e-books guide!  You can also search the Melvyl catalog, doing an advanced search and limiting the format to "e-book" and the library to "UCLA Library."  Check out our video tutorial on searching for e-books.

Tips for Book Searching

When searching for books in the UCLA Library Catalog, here are a few strategies:

  • Do a Keyword search using terms or phrases (put whole phrases in "quotation marks").
  • If you have the title of a book you want, do a Title search.
  • If you find a useful book, click on the Subject(s) to get a list of subject headings that will lead to other books on the same topic.
  • Use a question mark to find all words that share a root. Searching for american? will retrieve american and americans.
  • If you already have a book or article on your topic, use its bibliography to find others on the same topic.

Remote eBook Roadmap

The UCLA Library has created this tutorial which offers step-by-step instructions for finding and accessing ebooks. There is also a handout version (PDF) of this tutorial.