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Underrepresented Voices in Music

A guide to resources about equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and activism and music.

Getting Started

Suggestions to help guide you in your UCLA Library searches. 

Library Subject Headings: This is not an exhaustive list of subject headings and is meant to provide examples of search terms.

Music by Black composers Hispanic American folk music
Music and race Gospel music
Latino music Indigenous peoples in art
African Americans--Music--History and criticism Music -- South Asia
Music -- Asia -- History and criticism Music -- Latin America

Resources Licensed for UCLA

Articles and Journals

Licensed for UCLA

Key Article and Journal titles include:

  •  Black Music Research Journal, available from Ethnic NewsWatch and JSTOR
  • The Black Perspective in Music, JSTOR
  • CBMR Digest: Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College, ProQuest
  • Asian Music, ProQuest

Freely Available

Selected E-books Licensed for UCLA

Organizations and Festivals

Resources Freely Available

Resources for Musicians and Composers

Find Composers of Color

These websites are dedicated to composers of color or contain lists of composers.

Find Works by Composers of Color

These websites contain lists of works by composers of color. Links to find recordings or scores may be found on these lists, or you may need to search UCLA licensed databases, including the library catalog. 

Find Musicians of Color

Audio and Video

Licensed for UCLA 


Freely Available