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Musicology 5 - History of Rock and Roll (Fall 2021)

Why Dictionaries?

You want to sure you are using the correct word to express your ideas. If you are not sure, you should check the definition in a dictionary.

Online Music Reference

Use these reference books to provide an overview of your topic, define terms, and list recommended readings. If connecting from home, make sure your computer is configured for off-campus access.

Why Encyclopedias?

Encyclopedias are a good place to start if you need an overview of a topic you are unfamiliar with. They will often include a bibliography of sources that you can consult for more information. The links below lead you to a selection of encyclopedia titles/collections that might be relevant to your assignments. The links are to groups of titles from a single publisher--you can select those that seem appropriate to your topic.

In both of these sources, you can search for terms such as "rock music" to find overview articles or the name of a singer. You will see some of the same articles in the results lists from each search. You can also find citations to other resources that might be useful for your research.