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Features 280 newspapers from 35 states published for or by African Americans, including many rare and historically significant 19th-century titles. Beginning with Freedom’s Journal (NY)—the first African American newspaper published in the United States—titles include The Colored Citizen (KS), Arkansas State Press, Rights of All (NY), Wisconsin Afro-American, New York Age, L'Union (LA), Northern Star and Freeman’s Advocate (NY), Richmond Planet, Cleveland Gazette, The Appeal (MN) and hundreds more. See also African American Newspapers Series 2.
African American Newspapers, Series 2, 1835-1956 complements and expands on African American Newspapers, Series 1. Published in 22 states and the District of Columbia, titles include Frederick Douglass’s New National Era (Washington, DC), Washington Tribune (Washington, DC), Chicago Bee (Chicago, IL), The Louisianian (New Orleans, LA), The Pine and Palm (Boston, MA), National Anti-Slavery Standard (New York, NY), New York Age (New York, NY), Harlem Liberator (New York, NY), North Carolina Republican and Civil Rights Advocate (Weldon, NC), Southern News (Richmond, VA) and more. See also See also African American Newspapers Series 1.
Covers the history of Africa and its diverse people over nearly 400 years. More than 1,300 books, pamphlets, almanacs, broadsides and ephemera. Compiled by the curators of the extraordinary Afro-Americana Imprints collection.
African Newspapers: The British Library Collection features 64 newspapers from throughout Africa, all published before 1901. Originally archived by the British Library.
Includes five centuries of journeys across the globe, scientific discoveries, the expansion of European colonialism, conflict over territories and trade routes, and decades-long search and rescue attempts in this multi-archive collection dedicated to the history of exploration. Collection also includes images, video, and audio.
Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Online (Artists of the World Online) is an extensive reference work on artists. It contains authoritative, up-to-date biographical information on more than 1.2 million artists, with continual online updates to the online edition.
The records of the ACLU on free speech, citizenship, race, discrimination, immigration, labor, radicalism, and related topics support the study of American legal history and complement the modules in the Making of Modern Law series. Documents include newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, court files, memorandums, telegrams, minutes, and legal case records. UCLA provides access to Parts I and II: 1912-1990, and Southern Regional Office,
Digitized collection of print journalism from Indigenous peoples of the US and Canada over more than 9,000 individual editions from 1828-2016. The 45 unique titles also include bilingual and Indigenous-language editions, such as Hawaiian, Cherokee and Navajo languages.
Digitized primary sources on social, political, health, and legal issues concerning gender and sexuality, and impacting LGBTQ communities around the world. Includes newsletters, papers, government documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, and more. Contributing repositories include: Kinsey Institute, British Library, Lesbian Herstory, Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, National Library of Medicine, and more. UCLA provides access to Parts I and II (LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940), and Part III (Sex and Sexuality, Sixteenth to Twentieth Century).
Digitized materials offer an array of Western perspectives and sources on China and Southeast Asia spanning several centuries, from the first British mission to China in 1792-1794 through to the mid 20th century.
This collection consists of rare printed works of colonial literature, by both Britons in the Indian subcontinent and Indian visitors to Britain; collected reports from Indian newspapers, 1868-1942; and two collections of private papers on India, by Lord Curzon and Michael Pakenham Edgeworth.
The Art and Architecture Archive offers an
amazing array of titles, including Architectural Review, British Journal of Photography, Graphis, Print,
and many others previously unavailable in digital form, scanned cover to cover as full-page color
images, with searchable text and article level indexing.
Avalon houses streaming audio and video collections at UCLA. Content is restricted to UCLA users and requires UCLA authentication for use both on and off campus.
The Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity focuses on the history of early Christian texts, authors, ideas. Its content is intended to bridge the gap between the fields of New Testament studies and patristics, covering the whole period of early Christianity up to 600 CE. The BEEC aims to provide a critical review of the methods used in Early Christian Studies and to update the historiography.
This is an online resource that contains over 700 encyclopedia entries plus 250 peer-reviewed articles of transnational and global historical perspectives on topics of World War I. This collection includes Brill’s Encyclopedia of the First World War, a reference work that showcases the knowledge of experts from 15 countries and offers 26 additional essays on the major belligerents, wartime society and culture, diplomatic and military events, and the historiography of the Great War.

The 250 articles address the key issues from political, historical and cultural perspectives, but also engages with aspects of the war which have remained underexplored such as the neutrals, the role of women before, during and after the war, and memory.
3550 pages of text from 4 Brill encyclopedias: Brill's Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages, Encyclopedia of Medieval Pilgrimage (2009), Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle (2010), Encyclopaedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles of the British Isles c. 450-1450 (2012) offering signed articles on aspects of medieval history, culture and belief. Together with nearly 200 illustrations.
Collection of 18th and 19th-century Caribbean newspapers. Colonial history, the Atlantic slave trade, New World slavery with a comprehensive resource for studying the development of Western society.
Central Daily News was first published in Shanghai in February 1928, and has been the official news media for the KMT (Kuomintang) government for years. This online database covers page image access from 1928 to 2006.
Full text (no ads or pictures) from 1985 to the present. For access to older issues, see Proquest Historical Newspapers: Chicago Tribune [1849-1996].
Chicago Daily Tribune; Chicago Press and Tribune
Collection of curated primary and secondary full-text materials from the 20th and 21st century, including photographs, correspondence, magazines, dance notation, and reference material. Includes the full run of Dance Magazine from 1927-present.
The Database of Latin Dictionaries (DLD) is an unparalleled resource for research on the Latin language throughout the ages. Because of its broad spectrum of dictionaries, the DLD offers an immediate overview of Latin vocabulary that no isolated dictionary can give. Includes Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources - online
The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (DMLBS), the first fascicle of which appeared in 1975 and the 17th and last in 2013, is “the most comprehensive dictionary of Medieval Latin to have been produced and the first ever to focus on British Medieval Latin”. Covering a particularly long period stretching from Gildas (fl. 540) to William Camden (1600), it is “wholly based on original research”, that is to say on the close reading of thousands of Medieval Latin texts. This has been carried out specifically for the purpose of recording their distinctive lexical characteristics, and, as far as possible, using the best available sources, whether original manuscripts or modern critical editions. It is also based on systematic searches within computer databases, including the Library of Latin Texts (LLT-A and LLT-B), where many of the texts can be found that make up the sources for the DMLBS.
The Gale Digital Scholar Lab is designed to access and analyze Gale’s primary source content by integrating digital primary source content with popular digital humanities tools. Analysis options include clustering word analysis, named entity recognition, Ngram, topic modelling, and more.
Clinical reference tool written by a team of physicians and researchers who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis. Topics are based on clinical evidence and content is updated to ensure physicians have timely information for point of care decisions. Includes overviews and recommendations, graphics and images, expert reviewers, specialty content, and mobile access.
Embase provides essential biomedical evidence from evidence-based content, along with deep biomedical indexing and search forms to assist in building search strategies.
The Encyclopedia of Early Modern History is the English edition of the German-language Enzyklopädie der Neuzeit. This 15-volume reference work, published in print between 2005 and 2012, and here available online, offers a multi-faceted view on the era in European history stretching from ca. 1450 to ca. 1850 ce. in over 4,000 entries.
New articles will be added on a regular basis during the period of translation, for the complete German version see Enzyklopädie der Neuzeit Online.
Published in three parts, this collection covers British Foreign Office files dealing with Japan between 1919 and 1952. Parts include: Japanese Imperialism and the War in the Pacific, 1931-1945; Occupation of Japan, 1946-1952; and, Japan and Great Power Status, 1919-1930.
Module 1. Published in two parts, this collection of Foreign Office Files explores South East Asia between 1963 and 1980: the Cold War in the Pacific, trade relations and the Post-Independence Period, 1963-1966. And the Foundations of economic growth and industrialisation, 1967-1980.
Online access to historical graphic magazine Fuzoku Gaho, which was originally published in Tokyo between February 1889 and March 1916. Covers social and cultural trends and conditions in the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho periods. Limited to 4 simultaneous users.
Compilation of hundreds of Spanish-language newspapers printed in the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries. Based on the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project.
Texts of historical writings from within Afghanistan for the period, 1747-1919. Text was commissioned as an official national history by the Afghan prince, later amir, Habib Allah Khan (reigned 1901-1919).
A collection of documents related to homeland security policy, strategy, and organizational management. The HSDL is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Preparedness Directorate, FEMA and the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security.
Kino-zhurnal A.R.K. [i.e. The Magazine of the Association of Revolutionary Cinematography] is a rare Soviet film magazine, published in Moscow by the Association of Revolutionary Cinematography in mid-1920s. Only eleven issues of this monthly magazine were published under this title (#1-12 for 1925 and #1-2, 1926).
The Russian cinema and photographic art journal, published in 1922-1923. Issues illustrated throughout with typographic designs and photos of the abstract compositions by Rodchenko; articles by Kuleshov, Dziga Vertov and N. Bernstein, numerous letterpress designs. All advertisements are also designed in dynamic black and red Constructivist style. Photography and cinema were both still very new and exciting for a new emerging audience. Photomontage pictures, avant-garde layouts, unusual types and all other elements put the Kino-fot journal on the very edge of design and influenced the creative flow of 1920s.
Searchable and browsable database of digitized issues of Krokodil (1922-2000), Novyĭ krokodil (2001-2004), and Krokodil (2005-2008).
Sourced from the archive of The Worshipful Company of Stationers & Newspaper Makers in London, this collection is from one of the most important primary sources for studying the history of the book as well as publishing history, the history of copyright and the workings of an early London Livery Company. Covers the book trade, bookselling, printing, copyright, London history, and search and seizure.
Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries from the American Antiquarian Society brings together 105,000 pages of the personal writings of women of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, displayed as high-quality images of the original manuscripts, Semantically Indexed and online for the first time. The collection is drawn entirely from the extensive holdings of the American Antiquarian Society. It currently contains over 103,000 pages.
Featuring content from 1962 to present, supports numerous areas of both materials science research and engineering. Includes scholarly articles, as well as patents, conference proceedings, and government reports.
Covers primary sources reflecting medical advances during warfare from the mid-nineteenth century to the outbreak of the influenza epidemic in 1918 and the discovery of penicillin in 1927. The documents cover multiple conflicts as well as interwar developments from a range of perspectives. Themes include ambulance systems, disability, hospital care, mental health, sanitation, and more.
Thousands of e-books from MIT Press, including works in arts, architecture, humanities, social sciences, and sciences disciplines.
The Moscow News Digital Archive contains all obtainable published issues (1930-2014, approx. 60,000 pages), including issues of the newspaper's short-lived sister publication: Moscow Daily News (1932-1938).
These rarely collected, Rock, Folk and Hip Hop, widely scattered, and now sought after publications present a unique record of popular culture, music journalism, and social and political transition in the late 20th century, making them invaluable primary sources to researchers.
Includes two journal titles: Niva (1870-1918); Dlia Detei (01/31/1917-12/31/1917). Niva, an illustrated weekly journal of literature, politics and modern life was a magazine of the late-nineteenth-century Russia. It was published from 1870 to 1918 in St.Petersburg. The journal was read by an audience from primary schoolteachers, rural parish priests, and the urban middle class to the gentry. It contained large colored prints of art by famous Russian artists. It also had special children's section as well as a section on Russian classical writers: Gogol, Lermontov, Goncharov, Dostoevsky, Chekhov and many others. By the early 20th century Niva had a circulation of over 200,000.
Personal view of what it meant to immigrate to America and Canada between 1800 and 1950. Composed of contemporaneous letters and diaries, oral histories, interviews, and other personal narratives, the series provides a rich source for scholars in a wide range of disciplines. In selected cases, users will be able to hear the actual audio voices of the immigrants.
Novoe russkoe slovo (New Russian Word) was first New York. Published initially as Russkoe slovo with pro-Communist leanings, the newspaper underwent changes a decade later, in 1920. First it changed the name by adding Novoe (or New) to Russkoe slovo and secondly and perhaps most importantly it shed its pro-Communist sympathies establishing itself as the newspaper of the Russian émigré community in New York and beyond.
Streaming video resource that includes high-quality, full-length performances by some of today's most provocative artists working in dance, theater, music, and other forms.
on the boards, ontheboards, on the boards tv
Online version of the print journal Oriental Economist originally published in Japan monthly between 1934 and 1985 and weekly between January 1946 and August 1952. One of few commercial journals in English with a focus on the Asian economy that lasted over 50 years from the pre-war period. Limited to 4 simultaneous users.
Annotated bibliographies by topic to important and recent scholarship in art and architectural history.
Pravda Ukrainy (originally Sovetskaia Ukraina) was a Russian-language Soviet Ukrainian daily and a newspaper of record, serving as the official organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR. Covers 1938-2014.
Presidental orders, proclamations, directives, memoranda, pardons, correspondence, statements, and other types of communication. Includes Executive actions from 1789-2017. Content can also be accessed via Proquest Congressional.
Digital archive for The Guardian and The Observer from 1791-2003. This historical newspaper provides genealogists, researchers and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and unparalleled coverage of the politics, society and events of the time
The Rand Daily Mail, published daily in Johannesburg, is a title that pioneered popular journalism in South Africa. It was one of the first newspapers to openly oppose apartheid and contribute to its downfall.
Interdisciplinary reference articles on modernism, including sections on Literature, Architecture, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film, and Intellectual Currents. Regularly updated with new content.
Russkaia literatura (archives) is a journal of literary criticism, a reliable resource featuring biographical information and criticism of Russian and Soviet authors in various genres. Published since 1958 by the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Science (Pushkinskii Dom), this journal features numerous papers, discussion pieces, articles and essays concerning classical and modern writers and poets of Russia.
Contains an extensive range of both rare and well-known wartime publications for soldiers serving in major theatres around the world. Publications are included from many key nations involved in the conflict, such as the US, Canada, New Zealand, India, and the countries of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Compiled in the Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty, e-version of the largest collection of texts in pre-modern China. Contains titles in 36,000+ volumes. Limited to 5 simultaneous users.
Searchable books, serials, manuscripts, court records, and reference publications. Access available for parts 1-4: Debates over Slavery and Abolition, Slave Trade in the Atlantic World, The Institution of Slavery, and The Age of Emancipation.
Openly accessible, hosted by JSTOR, and developed by the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) and partner institutions. Collection of historical and contemporary primary sources in the arts, humanities and social sciences from and about South Asia.
This resource provides access to Kulʹtura (Culture), a Russian weekly newspaper previously published under the titles: Rabochiĭ i iskusstvo (1929-1930), Sovetskoe iskusstvo (1931-1941), Literatura i iskusstvo (1942-1944), Sovetskoe iskusstvo (1944-1952) and Sovetskai︠a︡ kulʹtura (1953-1991). Throughout the years the newspaper articles reviewed major events in Russian cultural life, in literature, theater, cinematography and arts.
In Kyiv, Sovetskaia Ukraina (later Pravda Ukrainy) was a Russian-language Soviet Ukrainian daily and a newspaper of record, serving as the official organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR. The newspaper was the Ukrainian Communist Party’s leading print media agent in the dissemination of the party’s opinions about politics, culture, economics and other issues.
State Papers Online offers original historical government materials, including correspondence, reports, memoranda, and parliamentary drafts from ambassadors, civil servants and provincial administrators present a full picture of Tudor and Stuart Britain. Dates of coverage include 1509-1782.
Articles from The Sunday Times, London from 1822-2016. Although similar in title, Sunday Times is a distinct newspaper with no editorial connection to The Times London.
Includes the scientific, technical, and medical reference books formerly contained in CRCnetBASE. UCLA subscribes to only a small number of titles beyond the former CRC collection.
U.K. Parliamentary Papers is a searchable full-text database of the entire collection of 18th 19th and 20th century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers.
Contains over 200,000 House of Commons Sessional Papers, including Bills, House of Commons Papers, and Command Papers from 1715 to 2005, with supplementary material back to 1688. Includes access to Hansard parliamentary debates 1803-2005.
This document set includes content on the U.S. intelligence community’s spying and analytic efforts in the Arab world, including the Middle East, the Near East, and North Africa. It covers the time period from the end of World War II to the present day, up until the 2002-2003 Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) assessments, the Global War on Terror, the Iraq War, and Iran’s nuclear program.
Contains full-text dating back to the 1980s for five of the nation’s major newspapers, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and the Wall Street Journal.
US Major Dailies
Full text (no ads or pictures) from 1987 to the present. For access to older issues, see Proquest Historical Newspapers: The Washington Post [1877-2001].
Online archive of documents that views the history of modern empires through women’s eyes, with an emphasis on the voices of the colonized. Includes documents related to the Habsburg Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the British, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, and United States Empires, and settler societies in the United States, New Zealand and Australia.
Focuses on the 19th and 20th centuries, including documents such as diaries, letters, photographs, news clippings, organizational records, and journals. Women's Studies Archive presents a record of the issues that have affected women, societal contributions, social status, and women's movements.
A breadth of printed and manuscript sources over four centuries, providing a multitude of perspectives on the changing roles of women in history.
This collection offers access to the works and legacy of many notable and influential women, but also a chance to hear the voices of forgotten and ordinary women.
Primary sources, offering insight into many aspects of the World War II conflict, including government policy, the war in the Pacific, and the war in Europe.
Sources include the records of the Special Operations Executive; and private papers of American General Robert L Eichelberger, from the Pacific war.