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Social Science Data Archive at Dataverse

Data Archive Material at Harvard Dataverse

What Is Harvard Dataverse?

Social Science Data Archive materials are hosted at the Dataverse Project, an open source repository at Harvard University. The repository hosts multiple 'dataverses' which contain datasets, descriptive metadata and documentation.

The UCLA Social Science Data Archive dataverse is at Archive material hosted at Dataverse are directly linked from the Archive catalog or the can be searched directly from our dataverse.

Searching Dataverse

Searching is by keyword, title, study number* and subject.

  • Title: Partial or full. Use quotes to narrow the search:  "Population Census".
  • Study number: this is the Data Archive assigned study number. If you remember a study number from our catalog you may serch on that, but it must be the whole study number: M908V1 not M908.
  • Within Datavers subject classification is by user. For an example of SSDA Index Terms see:

Search results may also be sorted alphabetically, newest, oldest and relevance to serach.

Downloading Studies

Social Science Data Archive material is generally available to faculty and students. In some cases material may public.