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United States Census Statistics and Information

The UCLA Census Collection

This guide points to important United States Census information, statistics, and data you will find at the Charles E. Young Research Library and on the Web. The collection represents a part of the Federal Depository Library Program in which the Research Library has participated in since 1932. As a designated Federal Depository Library (0043) by Senator Samuel Shortridge, the collection supports the informational needs of the residents in the 29th Congressional district and the university community users.

All bound copies of the Decennial Census can be found in the Reference section under the call number HA201 for population (and Census before 1940), and HD7293 for housing.

Learn about the Census

The Different Censuses

The Census Bureau, as a division of the Department of Commerce, conducts:

The National Agricultural Statistics Service, as a division of the Department of Agriculture, conducts:

General Data Tools

See the full Data and Analysis Tools page for more information.