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Korean Studies

Finding Korean Films at UCLA

As of August 2015, UCLA library has close to 650 Korean language DVDs and videos. You can search Korean films held by the East Asian Library by

  1. Browsing through our collection,
  2. By the director's name,
  3. By the title of the movie

In the column located on the right, you can find more Korean Film resources.

Note: Most Korean DVDs and videos that belongs to the UCLA East Asian Library are sent to the Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF). Faculty, students and staff may request SRLF materials to be delivered to any UCLA Library circulation desk. Materials requested prior to 11:00 am, Monday through Friday, will be available from your selected library circulation desk by 4:00 pm the same afternoon. Requests are submitted via UCLA library catalog.

Borrowing Korean DVDs

1. Go to UCLA Library Catalog

2. a) Type in the search box : KFT Korean Film and Television Collection 

    b) In the Quick Link menu, choose: Visual Materials - films, videos, etc (See the image below)

Korean Film Catalog

3. Click on search, and you'll see 650 items for this search (as of Nov. 6, 2015).

Korean Film Catalog


4. You can limit your search by using the "Filter Your Search" box located on the right.

Search Korean DVDS by Director's Name

For example, if you want to search the Korean Director Yu Sung-wan (류승완), the director of "Die Bad" and "Veteran," 

1. Go to UCLA Library Catalog.

2. Type the romanization of his name (Yu, sung-wan) and choose the "Author List" in the 'within' option. Then click search.


3. Then you will see that the library has a couple of his movies along with his screenplay.


Search Korean DVDs by Title

1. Go to UCLA Library Catalog.

2. If you want to find the movie "Pieta" (The Golden Lion award at the 69th Venice International Film Festival) by the director Kim, Ki-Duk, simply type in the title "Pieta" and choose "Visual Materials - films, videos, etc" from the Quick Links option.


3. You will be taken to this page, and as you can see, this dvd is stored in Instructional Media Library located in Powell Library.


4. If you only know the Korean title of the film, you will need to use the romanization of the title.

Ex.) 불멸의 이순신 = Pulmyol ui Yi Sun-sin (The Immortal Yi Soon Shin)

       뿌리깊은 나무 = Ppuri kipun namu (Deep Rooted Tree)


Korean Film Resources (In Korean)