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Text Analysis and Visualization

Resources for workshops on text analysis and visualization

Librarian for Digital Research and Scholarship

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COVID-19: Library Information, Resources, & Print Access


As part of UCLA's transition to remote instruction, and the Library's necessary decision to close all Library locations, access to print resources and special collections is not available. Please take advantage of electronic resources such as ebooks and article databases. The UCLA community can connect to these online resources off-campus via the VPN or proxy server. Interlibrary loan is still available for electronic journal articles; however, ebooks cannot be borrowed on interlibrary loan. You can also temporarily access digitized print books via HathiTrust, although you cannot download or print these books--only do screenshots.

The library is also extending access to our print collection beyond what's available in HathiTrust through the Pilot Emergency Temporary Digititzation on Request Service (PETDOR). Please review the PETDOR FAQ for guidance on using this service. 

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Text Analysis Tools

There are hundreds of software applications that are designed for text analysis.

Other Tools + Texts

Where can I find texts?

Combining Text-Analysis with GIS: an Example

Example: Wordle

Crystal Smith explores whether language in television ads reinforces gender stereotypes. See the comparison (and judge for yourself)  here.  

Wordle: Words Used in Advertising for Girls' Toys
Wordle: Words Used to Advertise Boys' Toys

Example: Voyant - Bubblelines

Bubblelines visualizes repeated words in a text.  I recommend switching this view so that each word appears on a separate line. 

For tutorials on Voyant tools, see this site: