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Powell Community Collections

Information about Powell Library's Community Collections, co-curated by students and student groups.

About the Sustainability Collection

The Community Sustainability Collection provides students with the ideas, tools, and inspiration to combat climate change, move from consumption to co-creation, and transform our campus and our world into a healthy, sustainable habitat. Curated in collaboration with the student organization E3 (Ecology, Economy, Equity) and the UCLA Sustainability Resource Center, the collection links global issues to self-sufficiency by covering a diverse array of topics, including renewable energy, ethical food production, human rights, urban homesteading, traditional arts and crafts, permaculture, and conservation.

New and Popular Titles

The UCLA Sustainable Resource Center

We are currently working with the UCLA Sustainable Resource Center to build the bulk of our Sustainability Collection.

UCLA Grand Challenges

Our Sustainability Collection is connected to the first of UCLA's Grand Challenges, Thriving in a Hotter Los Angeles. Click here for more information!

Sustainability Research Guide

Want to know more about sustainability? Check out our sustainability research guide, filled with useful resources.

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