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Design Media Arts 269 - Graduate Seminar

This Library Research Guide is intended as a resource for UCLA Design Media Arts graduate students as they prepare to write and compile their Record of Creative Work (thesis equivalent).

Writing your Artist's Statement

Looking for help and guidance when writing your artist's statement? Consult the following guides:



Online guides:

Examples of Statements

To locate examples of artists' statements, consider searching relevant journals for the phrases "artists' statements," "artist statement," and "artists' statements". E.g.:


If you want to expand your search to many more art and design journals, search these phrases in online article databases that include article full text, such as:


Many biographical dictionaries that include living artists will feature not only articles by critics, but also statements submitted by the artists. E.g.:


Additional sources of artists' statements include exhibition catalogs, artists' and gallery websites, and books that include artists' own writings. Books that specifically feature artists' writings can be located in the library catalog under the subject:

Artists' writings

You can also search the library catalog for the phrases "artist statement," "artists' statements," "artist's statement"  as keywords.