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North American Indigenous Media and Production Contexts

Search Google Scholar for Articles

Unlike the subject specific databases, Google Scholar searches across a wide range of sources. It can be useful, but does not contain everything. Evaluate articles you locate there the same way you would any other sources.

Google Scholar Search

Core Film and Television Studies Databases

These more specialized tools index journals core to the study of film and television, including more international and professional practice-focused journals and magazines.

Communication Studies Databases

Although more focused on the social sciences than on aesthetics or history, Communications journals often contain scholarship on media, including television, gaming, social media, and more.

Indigenous Studies Databases & Journals

Entertainment Business and Law

Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases are good starting places for contemporary and some historical writing in periodicals. They tend to be wide in scope, but not necessarily deep in coverage, particularly for articles in foreign languages.

Historic Entertainment Magazines Online

Major digitization projects that include historic entertainment magazines previously unavailable online.