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Cluster 71: Biotechnology and Society

Your guide for Cluster 71 research at UCLA: Find books, articles, and more for Biotechnology and Society.

Meet Maxwell Grollman

Name: Maxwell Grollman

Cluster: 71, Biotechnology and Society 

Major: Pre-Human Biology & Society

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Fun fact: I love to surf in my free time.

I wished I’d known: I wish I'd known that creating bonds with the other students from the class was valuable for my college experience as well as my understanding of the class. I also wish I cared less about what others would think of my ideas in section and expressed myself fully earlier.

Benefit of taking a cluster: I am so glad I took the Cluster because it was the most interesting, engaging, and fun class I have taken at UCLA so far and gave me a sense of direction in my academic and career path.