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Urban Planning 237A: Sectoral Analysis

This guide was developed based on Professor Wolff's work for his UP 237A graduate course. Sectoral analysis provides a foundation in methodology as well as salient issues in the field of urban planning.

Databases for Market Research

Who’s making the product/service, or something like it? Who’s buying it, or likely to buy the similar product/srvice? 

Nature of Competition

  • consumer, intermediate or producer goods
  • stable vs cyclical markets
  • characterize markets (location, buyers, etc.)
  • basis of competition:  price, quality, speed, distinctiveness
  • sources of competition: international, national, regional
  • trade patterns--import/export--import penetration measures
  • global/import vs domestic production trends
  • proportion of export-dependent jobs
  • impact of NAFTA and other trade arrangements