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Undergraduate Writing Center PLF Guide

A guide for Peer Learning Facilitators to share with students receiving writing help at the Powell Inquiry Lab.

Why use subject encylopedias?

An encyclopedia dealing with a particular subject can be a nice way to get an overview of a topic you don't know much about, get inspiration or keyword ideas when you're stuck in your research, or find additional sources for your project by looking at the bibliography after each entry.

Finding Subject Encyclopedias

To see what encyclopedias the Powell Library has about a particular subject, perform the following search:

1. In the UCLA library catalog, select "set other search limits" from the bottom right-hand corner of the search box.

2. In "location," select "Powell Library" and click "set limits."

3. Back at the search screen, click the "Advanced" tab.

4. In the first field, type the subject area that contains the topic you're researching (for example, "Islam," "Women's Studies," or "Psychiatry").

5. In the second field, type "encyclopedias" and change "keyword anywhere" to "subject."

If you don't find any results, try searching for a different keyword. It's possible that your first keyword was too narrow, or that scholars use a different word to describe the subject you're looking for.