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Image Resources

This Library Research Guide is intended as a starting place for UCLA researchers, pointing to resources and strategies for finding and using image resources.

  Quick Start

Selected image search engines:


Want to improve your Google Image searching? Check out this guide to refining you Google Image Searches: Google Image Literacy: Refining Research Strategy

General Image Resources

Consult the subpages listed under the Online Image Collections tab on the left to access lists of image collections relating to: 

A list of UCLA Library Research Guides with sections on finding images is maintained on this guide's home page.

A classified Digital Images Collections Guide is maintained by the Association of College and Research Libraries. About 950 quality digital image collections are grouped into about 85 subjects.

Also consult the Open Content and Public Domain Images page and the Creative Commons Content page on this guide.

Stock Image Resources

This is just a sample list of stock image sources. The UCLA Library will not respond to requests from stock image suppliers to list their resources on this guide.