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Classical and Byzantine Studies

Getting Started

If you're unfamiliar with academic library research, see Getting Started: Information Research Tips.

This guide is intended to give UCLA students, staff, and faculty interested in Classical and Byzantine Studies an easy-to-use jumping off point. Most of its content was compiled by Paul Naiditch, Librarian Emeritus for Classics. Updates have been added by Katalin Radics, former Librarian for the Western European Collections and Classics.

Primary Sources Online

Primary Sources at Special Collections of UCLA

UCLA Department of Special Collections Special Collections has several collections particularly useful for those interested in classical antiquity. In recent years, the Department has had two exhibitions concerned with classical antiquity: "The Development of Classical Scholarship" and "Philodemus and Greek Papyri."

Primary Sources on CD-ROM

UCLA Library Collections

UCLA's classical holdings center on Grecian civilizations from the Minoan-Mycenaean period to the fall of Constantinople in 1453; on Italian civilizations from the so-called regal period to the death of Romulus Augustulus in 476; and on the history of classical scholarship. These materials, chiefly consisting of books and manuscripts, support the research and instructional needs of the Department of Classics and, to a degree, the Departments of Art History, History, and Philosophy, and the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

The materials themselves are mainly preserved in the Arts Library (art, architecture, archaeology); the History and Special Collections Division of the Biomedical Library (medicine and science); the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library (British imprints from the 17th and 18th centuries); the College Library (a.k.a. Powell; undergraduate materials); the Law Library; the Southern Regional Library Facility (older and less used materials); and especially in the Charles E. Young Research Library (Main Stacks; Reference; A-Level Maps and Microforms; Special Collections).