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DRAFT: Marija Gimbutas: Citation network

"magnificent vindication"

Citations of her work INCREASE over time

NOTE: the citation network uses
1) Web of Science citations, exported (with full citation information) from WOS database, then imported into a free application:
2) VOS.  The results of VOS  are then exported (as a plain text file (readable in network analysis software as an edge list) and used in
3) Onodo (free online software), to create a more interactive display with links (DOI) to the actual articles.  Onodo input requires using an Excel spreadsheet that I created by uploading VOS output into Google Sheets.and matching the edge list with citation info ]Tableau Prep provided some help] enhancing the data.  We can store a copy of that spreadsheet in Google Drive..  
VOS has clickable links, but, to interact with the data, one has to install their application. 
For advanced users, we can publish the data-set in Zenodo or OSF (to get a citable DOI) and Iput the data-set and link to download information for VOS on the LibGuide.