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Cluster 27: Global Islam

This is the Cluster 27: Global Islam Research Guide. This guide provides helpful tips and resources for exploring Islam as a global religion and cultural tradition.


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Salma Abumeeiz

Your Inquiry Specialist

Your Inquiry Specialist for Cluster 27 is Hanna Young. Set up a consultation with Hanna to talk about research, writing, assignments, study skills, and getting settled in the Cluster program and at UCLA!

       Hanna Young

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Welcome to your Cluster 27: Global Islam Research Guide.  This guide provides helpful tips and resources for exploring Islam as a global religion and cultural tradition.  

Use the tabs on the left-hand side of this guide to find books, articles, primary sources, and websites relevant to Cluster 27, as well as research, writing, and citation tips. 

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Your UCLA Library team consists of:

Salma Abumeeiz - Librarian 


Hanna Young - Embedded Inquiry Specialist 


Image from Harvard Library, Guide to Research in Islamic Art and Architecture


Meet Your Inquiry Specialist

Name: Hanna Young

Cluster: 27, Global Islam

Majors: Psychology and World Arts & Cultures

Minor: Community Engagement and Social Change

Hometown: Los Angeles

Fun Facts:

  • I play four instruments and compose music.
  • Before teaching with the Global Islam Cluster, I taught with Cluster 30, Never-Ending Stories: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Myth.

I wished I’d known: I wish I had gone into the course with more self-confidence. I was typically hesitant to share my ideas and thoughts, but the only way to get feedback on what you're thinking is to share!

Benefit of taking a cluster: I am so glad I participated in the Cluster Program because it gave me public speaking opportunities, helped my writing grow stronger, and allowed me to hone my critical thinking skills.

Research Consultations

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