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Cluster M1: Food: A Lens For Environment and Sustainability

Your guide to Food Cluster research resources at the UCLA Library

Your Peer Research & Writing Specialist

Your Peer Research and Writing Specialist ("Pro" for short) for the Food Cluster is Taylor Sieverling. Set up a consultation with Taylor to talk about research, writing, assignments, study skills, and getting settled in the Cluster program and at UCLA!

Office Hours: 11am-12pm: Wednesdays Online
2pm-3pm: Fridays In-person between Kaplan and Powell

Appointments: Schedule here

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Your Library Liaison

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Ashley Peterson

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Welcome to your Cluster M1 Research Guide! This is where you'll find resources to support your research and writing for Food: A Lens for Environment and Sustainability.

In addition to this guide, the Food Cluster has its own Library Team. We are available to answer questions and meet to discuss your assignments for the course. Keep in touch!

Ashley Peterson
Research & Instruction Librarian, Digital Scholarship & Data Literacy
Schedule an Appointment (In-person & Online)

Alexandra Solodkaya
Rothman Family Food Studies Librarian
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Taylor Sieverling
Peer Research & Writing Specialist ("Pro")
Office Hours:

  • 11am-12pm: Wednesdays Online
  • 2pm-3pm: Fridays In-person between Kaplan and Powell

Fall 2021 Key Research and Writing Resources

Throughout the fall quarter, the Library Team will be presenting key resources each week to support your research, writing, and overall well-being at UCLA.

Week 1

Meet your Cluster M1 Library Team!

Week 2

Library Resource of the Week: Research Help

The UCLA Library is huge: so many people, buildings, and resources! One of the easiest ways to explore how we can support your research is to talk to us. From quick online chat questions to booking a consultation to discovering librarians who specialize in your major, this page will show you the many, many ways to reach out and keep in touch.

Week 3

Library Resource of the Week: Synchronous Online Research Workshops

The Library's live online research workshops offer a variety of resources and tips related to getting started with research, finding sources through the UCLA Library, citing sources, and more! They even offer Adulting 101 Workshops that cover important life skills. Check out their upcoming events!

Week 4

Library Resource of the Week: Developing Research Questions and Creating Keywords

WI+RE, Writing Instruction + Research Education, offers workshops and tutorials designed by students to support your research and writing development. As you begin to formulate your research topic, check out WI+RE’s tutorial on developing research questions and creating keywords. You’ll take away strategies for brainstorming potential research questions and turning those questions into keywords that will facilitate your preliminary searching. It's a great way to get started!

Week 5

Library Resource of the Week: EatWell

The EatWell Pod offers resources, blogs, and events all focused on promoting learning around food, cooking, and sustainability. Check our their website to find out about the UCLA Teaching Kitchen, campus gardens, food-centered student groups, and more!

Bonus Resource: Vegan Cooking Panel

Next Tuesday at 2pm (10/26/21), the library is offering an online Vegan Cooking Panel Q&A! Together with a representative from the UCLA Teaching Kitchen, the panel will share vegan recipes and tips. Feel free to attend regardless of your current diet - all are welcome!

Week 6

Library Resource of the Week: Writing a Research Proposal

The Undergraduate Writing Center (UWC) offers many helpful handouts and online resources related to getting started with writing, sentences & transitions, organization, grammar, and more! As you all begin writing your first drafts, please refer to the UWC's handout on writing research proposals. This resource offers prewriting strategies, breaks down key components of a proposal, and offers many specific writing tips. The UWC also has a handout with sample texts of each necessary element in a research proposal. Check out these pages to strengthen your first drafts!

Week 7

Library Resource of the Week: The Undergraduate Research Centers

Now that you’ve submitted your research proposals, it’s a good time to be aware of some resources that will come in handy for future research projects. No matter your major, you will keep conducting research during college! The Library Team recommends becoming familiar with the Undergraduate Research Centers, which exist for both the Sciences and the Humanities and Social Sciences. Through both you’ll find opportunities for research mentors, projects, and scholarships. They also sponsor Undergraduate Research Week, a fantastic opportunity to present your research in a formal, professional setting.

Week 8

Library Resource of the Week (part 1): Enrollment Advice

Enrollment can be overwhelming and stressful, but there are a lot of resources to support you! Makena, cluster 73's PRWS, put together a comprehensive list of tips that I highly recommend reviewing. The document includes links to make counseling appointments, details on navigating DARs, info on Fiat Lux seminars, advice from myself, and more!

Library Resource of the Week (part 2): Steps for Revising Your Paper

Given that your revised research proposal is due this week, consider checking out Purdue Owl's steps for revising. The handout poses critical questions that you should answer to inform your revision process. In general, Purdue Owl is a reliable source of citation-related information and resources for academic writing.

Library Resource of the Week (part 3): Citing Sources Library Guide

Citations can be complex, but they are an essential part of research, writing, and academia in general. Explore the library's guide on citations to gain more context on when, why, and how to cite. The page includes handouts on specific citation styles as well as information on citation managers which you may find useful for staying organized. Make sure you review this guide before submitting your research proposal.

Week 9

Library Resource of the Week: UCLA Film & Television Archive Upcoming Events

Tired of your Netflix algorithm bubble? Want to see some classic films, for free, at an IRL movie theater? Check out the upcoming events at the UCLA Library Film & Television Archive's Billy Wilder Theater! Located inside the Hammer Museum (which is also free!), the theater screens several films every quarter from the archive's collection. Some upcoming highlights include Sambizanga, directed by Sarah Maldoror, founder of France's first Black theater troupe, and the 90s LGBTQ+ classic But I'm a Cheerleader.

Week 10